Born in 1981, Sakura Fischer is a diversified German - Japanese art director and stylist, influenced by the interplay between Asia and Europe. 


An extensive traveler, Sakura has been able to dive into different aesthetic universes and cultures, connect with people, and develop her affinity to the artistic world - through theatre, film, performance, dance and more. 


While studying textile and surface design, fashion, and experimental design at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art, Sakura fine-tuned her cross-disciplinary skills and senses, continually inspired by important encounters and collaborations. 


She has worked with BlessParis/ Claudia Hill Berlin/Nelly Agassi Tel Aviv/ Sasha Waltz & Guests Berlin/ agency Swimmingpoulp Paris/ 

Rocket science Production Beijing and in different collaborations with directors from France, the United States, Canada and China.


Sakura speaks German, French, English, Mandarin and basic Japanese. She is currently based in Beijing, China.




Tel: +86 185 1549 4408

Mail: contact(at)

Wechat ID: Sakurafischer